Hi,I am a newbie so I hope I'm putting this in the correct forum!!

I have just installed 11.1 and ran the software update in yast. During the download I had a number of timeouts,possibly due to the type of broadband hardware I'm using. All of these, when retried worked perfectly.

My point is that there is a "Automatic Retry" option that has no real function as it is configured at the moment. If an error occurs a manual intervention is required, on each and every occasion, which then displays a "Retry" push button AND an Automatic Retry (After 30 sec).

It would make more sense if there was an "Automatic Retry" Tick box which would then buy-pass the manual "Error" intervention and continue on with a retry with the minimum of delay. This would then give an 'Unattended installation' of software updates (Provided there were no permanent errors) Obviously there would be a need for a 'retry counter' to look for 'permanent errors'

I hope that one of the YAST developers sees this thread or if someone can tell me if I can post this in a more appropriate place.

Regards Del