When I insert my OpenSuse 11.1 CD into the CD drive and reboot, the Welcome screen does not show all the options I would have from the CD. The only things that show up are to boot OpenSuse or to boot Failsafe Mode.

Therefore, I cannot reinstall Suse or use Rescue Mode unless my computer recognizes the CD. However, my computer can use the Opensuse CD to install new software when Opensuse is running. I am also able to burn CDs. I tried using other .iso CDs, but Opensuse does not recognize them upon reboot.

I have been using OpenSuse 11.1 for over a month and am still new to it. Ever since I deleted a few programs I thought I wouldn't use, I've been having this problem, and problems with permissions and auto-mounting drives (I've posted those issues in other threads.)

How do I get my computer/OpenSuse to recognize a (.iso)CD on the green Welcome screen after rebooting? (I am thinking about reinstalling OpenSuse or installing Linux Mint) Any help would be much appreciated!