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Thread: Script to log out of KDE

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    Default Script to log out of KDE

    Hello all,

    Is there a script command, run as normal user, which will log out of KDE?

    (What I would like to achieve is for a user to log in, then a determined program is run (wich I can get running by putting a script in that user's ~/.kde4/Autostart) and when the user ends that program, KDE shuts down, so that the user is back at the log in screen - I don't want to shut the machine down itself).

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Script to log out of KDE

    Perhaps KDE Kiosk Mode is your best bet, ultimately?

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    Default Re: Script to log out of KDE

    Agree with last post. This is over my head, but I know the ksmserver config is located at ~/.kde4/share/config/ksmserverrc

    I have tried the brutal 'kquitapp ksmserver' from CLI, but I'm not sure about any other unwanted effects.

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    Default Re: Script to log out of KDE

    Thanks for your answers.

    @ Craverii
    I was unaware of the Kiosk Mode, a (very quick) read through the doc you pointed me to doesn't seem to resolve my problem. This seems to be some sort of locked down KDE desktop. I couldn't find a way to close this from a script, but I'll have a better read through this evening.

    I'll try this command this evening when I'm in front of the machine in question. Any "unwanted effect" you might be aware of ?

    Thanks again to both of you.

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    OK I tested the kquitapp command.
    Great, this does EXACTLy what I want - it quits KDE and dumps me back to the user login.
    (a side effect is that this doesn't save any changes the user may have made to the desktop etc, which again is what I wanted).

    Thank you very much!


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