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Thread: identifying installation dvd

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    Default identifying installation dvd

    Quick question -

    I've just found an installation dvd of opensuse 11.0 that I created some months ago, but I can't remember whether I opted for the 32-bit or 64-bit version. How do I tell which version is on the disk?

    I thought it would be obvious once I stuck it in the drive and had a look at the filenames, but it isn't...

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    1. you could install it (for real, or run it in a VM) then run
    uname -a
    from a terminal and look at the output..
    (btw, if you try to install on a 32 bit machine but it won't, it might
    be because it is a 64 bit DVD)

    2. you could search the mirrors for the install DVDs for 11.0 and
    compare size and/or md5sums..


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    Default Re: identifying installation dvd

    Look at the file called "content". It contains a line like this:
    Further down it contains a series of lines like these:
    HASH SHA1 6b446a20bbbf7176b9e693410289b562e632f47e images/base-i386.tar.lzma
    HASH SHA1 8c82abc17af1ab859921b717b57262cfe54b777e images/base-meta-i386.tar.lzma
    HASH SHA1 e84fc9b4bde0025de396ab29f4afdabaca323e12 images/common-base-i386.tar.lzma
    HASH SHA1 2191f0a2a508f5158b3b2eaa69b0ed097da9a9e4 images/common-desktop-i386.tar.lzma
    HASH SHA1 1a1e5b7c3dacff8281a75d6705cb0c13d38212d3 images/common-xorg-i386.tar.lzma
    HASH SHA1 c6dd92553df66e83bea8d4d0b973278ceb45ed49 images/details-i386.xml
    This lot are from the 32 bit DVD. The giveaway bits are i586 from the DEFAULTBASE and i386 from the other lines. They indicate a 32 bit version.

    The 64 bit version will be different, using labels like x86_64
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