Issue problem with Firefox

Pls fix the installation script so I can use the plugin for Firefox 3x on my opensuse.
the plugin is made 4 ubuntu This happened

her's the download adress.$file/personal_linux.tar.gz
sins it is developed for ubuntu linux. it is probably a installation scrips fault.
Any way I hope anyone can help me so I can use it.
because I need the plugin 4 my living.
And I dont wanna change to ubuntu linux, sins I have been using open suse over 10 years.
Firefox version

Operating system

Linux x86_64
User Agent

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; sv-SE; rv: Gecko/2009090900 SUSE/3.0.14-0.1.2 Firefox/3.0.14

My fault message is
Installing Nexus Personal
ln: skapar symbolisk lnk "/usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins": Filen eller katalogen finns inte
WARNING: Failed installing plugin for Firefox 3. Manually add symlink to in your Firefox 3 plugin directory if this browser is to be used.
Installation complete.

pls help