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Thread: openSUSE saves a laptop

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    Default openSUSE saves a laptop

    One of the main reasons I like opensuse so much is that for an rpm based ditro, it has a lot of apps available in repos for it. moreso than most others it seems.

    I have an older p4 512 mb ram HP laptop that ran PCLOS for a long time because it would find the wireless broadcom driver out of the box for it.

    However, I wanted more apps. I wanted better update/upgrade paths between releases. opensuse has that, but, the doggone wireless.

    So again, I do a search for broadcom wireless drivers in the wiki and find the handy little notes on the install script at the command line.

    HOLY MOLY and Hallelujah!!

    Suddenly, my good old laptop was running wireless like a champ ( I found that wiki page and set off immediately to install opensuse that very moment.)

    I'm not looking back. In regards to rpm based distros, I find opensuse to be my favorite for deesktops and now laptops
    (though I admit CentOS for servers)

    terrific work opensuse crew.

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    Default Re: openSUSE saves a laptop

    Great to hear and I'm sure the appreciation will be valued by all the hardworking people who have made it happen.

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