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Thread: Error with startx

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    ronins NNTP User

    Default Error with startx

    Hello there I have download suse 11.1 Dvd and i installed it today.The installation was successfull done.I install gnome not kde.
    When i am in command line i give the user name and pass.
    I want to use gui and so i write startx but it returns some problems.
    I have an ati radeon x1950 pro graphic card and the error that startx gives is:
    xauth:creating new authority file /root/.serverauth.21891/etc/x11/xinit/xserverrc:line 56:exec:not found
    xinit:server error

    Whats going on here?Whats the problem?

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    Default Re: Error with startx

    Maybe try

    su -
    sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
    To switch to the vesa driver. Then 'exit' to log out, log in as normal user, and try startx again.

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