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Thread: Gnome taking over KDE desktop

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    Default Gnome taking over KDE desktop

    This is weird and I don't know how this happened but it seems that Gnome has taken over my KDE desktop.

    I had KDE 3.5 for about 4 months now and today suddenly when I was doing something my desktop changed to Gnome. It's only my desktop though. The menus and things are still KDE 3.5.

    For example when I right click on my desktop it gives Gnome menu rather than the KDE one.

    The other thing is I removed Gnome desktop from my system few months ago but I installed this Desktop theme called Mac4Linux and it appears that it is this theme that's been used now. My desktop configuration of KDE doesn't seem to override the Gnome ones.

    IS there any way to remove the Gnome desktop?

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    Default Re: Gnome taking over KDE desktop

    When you log in with KDM, look around for a little menu that lets you choose Gnome or KDE or fvwm or ... as your desktop.

    Chances are, you did something that changed the default KDM uses - which IIRC is to use the same desktop as "last time".

    The menus look similar because openSUSE tries to be desktop-neutral.

    Don't uninstall Gnome - I encourage people to mix and match.

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