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Thread: problem while connecting to net using rp-pppoe

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    Default problem while connecting to net using rp-pppoe

    Hi all,

    Me biplab, using suse 11 in my deel studio 1435 laotop...i installed rp-pppoe in suse and connected to the internet....but when i am trying to browse any website using any bowser(mozilla or anything else)....the page is not opening....and error specifying error cant load the page is can i browse the pages???

    thanks in advance....

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    Default Re: problem while connecting to net using rp-pppoe

    I did not use rp-pppoe since 10.3 I think since it is not really needed any more while OpenSUSE has the means for setting and using pppoe connections.

    You say that you were / are connected to the "internet" - how did you test that to check if you are really connected to the "internet"?

    I think you should provide more details on what did you do and how is your connection, how is your eth0 connection set-up, etc.

    Are you sure you need rp-pppoe to set-up your connection?


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