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Thread: Screen black with no prompt after reboot

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    Default Screen black with no prompt after reboot

    This is the second time it happened, the first time I had to reinstall after trying to repair x from the disc.(i thought it was video) It was working perfect all day, I installed vlc, opera, thunderbird, and thats about it. I was working in amorak and it was building my library when it froze. I killed the process, rebooted and I get a black screen with a non functioning cursor. I can cntrl alt del.

    I believe when it happened yesterday, before i had to format, i was in amorak as well. It would never finish building my library.

    Id rather not format again, since I just got it all setup; so any information would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Take care all,

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    Default Re: Screen black with no prompt after reboot

    I should add that when im runlevel 3 it states system skipped: & boot.cycle
    do i need to repair fstab?

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