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Thread: cloning linux hard drive

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    Default cloning linux hard drive

    Have read several pronouncements that almost any external hard drive will work with linux, but that not the same as the software that is needed to clone a hard drive for replacement
    The Apricorn "EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit" looks efficient and is reasonably priced, but it specifically states that its software is tailored for windows & mac.
    Has anyone actually USED this item to clone a linux hard drive??? If not, what (precisely -- brand & model number) has someone been able to use successfully for this function?
    Am sure many others have faced this problem, so there must be some confirmable answer out there somewhere.

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    Default Re: cloning linux hard drive

    Why use this? You can just as well clone a drive with 'dd' or 'dd_rescue' (latter I recommend)

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    Default Re: cloning linux hard drive

    leads me to say: it is not "tailored for windows & mac" but rather it
    _includes_ both windows and mac software (which you can run in windows
    or mac, but NOT in Linux) to clone your present drive..

    as said (by microchip) you can do the same with the Linux software he
    names (without using their window/mac software) with any standard usb
    enclosure and drive..


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