Immediately after starting a torrent in KTorrent it's status turns to stalled. Even on verified good torrents (I've tried numerous linux iso downloads for different distros just as an example, and all immediately stall). I know it's not an issue of the ISP playing dirty, as all torrents work perfectly fine in Windows XP and Windows 7 under uTorrent. I have it set to accept unencrypted connections if it matters.

I do believe it's an issue with my new modem (2wire 3800HGV-B), as KTorrent was jolly with my older one before it died (Motorola 2210). I've already added exceptions in it's firewall for TCP port 33713, and UDP port 4444 (which KTorrent is set to) to no avail.

Edit: I should be more specific - it outright can't connect to any tracker.
Tue Sep 22 22:28:16 2009: Doing tracker request to url (via KIO):�r�!}�<�"3� �f�
Tue Sep 22 22:28:16 2009: Stalled for too long, time to get some fresh blood