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Thread: Atheros WLAN

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    Default Atheros WLAN

    Hello, I have some trouble to get my Atheros WLAN recognized by the system.(Opensuse 11.1)

    Af first, hwinfo --wlan remains empty

    hwinfo --network gives me this information:

    26: PCI 200.0: 0280 Network controller
    [Created at pci.318]
    UDI: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/pci_168c_2b
    Unique ID: B35A.YOgHHBQ2is7
    Parent ID: qTvu.8Makl3iDVc3
    SysFS ID: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.1/0000:02:00.0
    SysFS BusID: 0000:02:00.0
    Hardware Class: network
    Model: "Atheros Network controller"
    Vendor: pci 0x168c "Atheros Communications Inc."
    Device: pci 0x002b
    SubVendor: pci 0x1a3b
    SubDevice: pci 0x1089
    Revision: 0x01
    Memory Range: 0xfeaf0000-0xfeafffff (rw,non-prefetchable)
    IRQ: 5 (no events)
    Module Alias: "pci:v0000168Cd0000002Bsv00001A3Bsd00001089bc02sc80i00"
    Config Status: cfg=no, avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown
    Attached to: #17 (PCI bridge)

    168c:002b should be supported by the ath9k kernel module

    Now I'm trying to get this working.

    # modprobe -v mac80211
    # modprobe -v ath9k
    # dmesg | grep ath9k
    ath9k: 0.1
    #lsmod | grep ath9k
    ath9k 328216 0
    mac80211 241360 1 ath9k
    # iwconfig
    lo no wireless extensions.

    eth0 no wireless extensions.

    (eth0 is correctly attached to the ethernet adaptor in this laptop)

    Iwconfig doesn't find the Atheros chip though the module is loaded. What can I do now?

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    Default Re: Atheros WLAN

    I've just looked at my OpenSuSE 11.1 box, and seems the shipping kernel ath9k driver doesnt support your card - from:
    #define ATHEROS_VENDOR_ID       0x168c
    #define AR5416_DEVID_PCI        0x0023
    #define AR5416_DEVID_PCIE       0x0024
    #define AR9160_DEVID_PCI        0x0027
    #define AR9280_DEVID_PCI        0x0029
    #define AR9280_DEVID_PCIE       0x002a
    #define AR5416_AR9100_DEVID     0x000b
    while with kernel 2.6.31 I can find your 2b device:

    so seems you have to update your ath9k kernel driver - either via updating to kernel 2.6.31, or via compiling the ath9k driver self for your running kernel.
    Anyway with my card ath9k loads automatically, but only to cause total freezes - so I had to blacklist. I found another thread here:
    Bug 12110 – ath9k causes computer to hang after long data transmissions
    which states that all ath9k drivers before kernel 2.6.30 are buggy, and tend to freeze - so be happy that it doesnt load for you

    HTH, Gn.

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