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    sarincheriyan NNTP User

    Default Asterisk

    Hello .. I am trying to set up Asterisk on Open suse11.1
    I am new to linux and asterisk

    Could you point me how to install asterisk..

    Thanks in advance


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    platinum NNTP User

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    > I am new to linux and asterisk

    new to Linux you probably should read about the primary tool in
    openSUSE for software and system management named YaST in

    actually, that whole section will be useful to will (probably)
    most of the links in the thread at:

    and, there is the Official openSUSE 11.1 Start-Up guide at

    you will find that YaST can access a variety of repositories (aka:
    repos) of online software...and, mostly you need only four repos

    i guess if you have those four enabled and open YaST and go Software
    Management > WAIT, it takes a while to initalize, then > search
    asterisk you will find it, and if you've read about how to use YaST it
    will be EASY to install...simple really...just click on asterisk in
    YaST to place a checkmark next to it, then click "Accept"...done..

    if it is not found in YaST it might be available from from which you can download an
    'rpm' file which you can also install with YaST, this way:

    -download the file
    -find it (where did you download to?) right click it
    -in the pop up menu choose Actions > Install with YaST
    -give root password and watch..

    as far as how to setup and use Asterisk...i have no idea, but i guess
    there is documentation for it, also...if you run into trouble someone
    here might be able to help..

    take your time...lots to learn..

    Give a hacker a fish and you feed him for a day.
    Teach YaST and you feed him for a lifetime.

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