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Thread: Editing KDE menu.

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    Question Editing KDE menu.

    I use the openSuse 11.0 version.

    I have the RealPlayer 11.0 Gold, but it is not listed at KDE menu.

    Is it possible to force KDE shows the RealPlayer symbol?


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    Default Re: Editing KDE menu.

    You can add it to the menu with menu editor

    In the section multi-media - Video player section
    Create New item - call it Real Player
    In the icon selection try other, see if it's in there
    the command to use is: realplay (I think)

    Have you actually run realplayer yet? From the terminal?
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    rmgester NNTP User

    Smile Re: Editing KDE menu.


    Few minutes after post my question I discovered how to solve that situation.

    Essentially I did the same thing you suggest me.


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