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Thread: How to turn on better fonts antialiasing for KDE4

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    Default Re: How to turn on better fonts antialiasing for KDE4

    I have distinct dislike for windows fonts. And I booted W7 yesterdayas part of some experimentation I am doing. I noticed the fonts there were not as clear as in SUSE. I tried changing them from default but it didn't seem to make a scrap of difference.
    Thank heavens for openSUSE.

    I admit to having windows fonts added and when they are the look is better, though I'm not actually using any windows fonts. Anyone able to explain that?
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    Default Re: How to turn on better fonts antialiasing for KDE4

    Quote Originally Posted by anshuljain View Post
    I have some very specific subpixel patches in my OBS repo at :- Index of /repositories/home:/anshuljain/openSUSE_11.2. It will upgrade your fontconfig, cairo and freetype packages from the stock Opensuse-subpixel disabled ones to LCD/Ubuntu patched RPMs. I have managed to achieve a consistent look with Vista fonts (Calibri and Consolas) using the packages in the repo above.

    My ideal combination is Calibri fonts size 10 and consolas size 9. You may have to add a .Xresources file in your /home directory with the following contents:-

    Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault
    Xft.hintstyle: hintslight

    A screenshot is at:-

    Hope this works for you.

    If you haven't noticed the link I had given had link to your rpm only... I am using these fonts and just loving it. Thank You again
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