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    cristids1 NNTP User

    Default opensuse 11.1 livecd

    Hello everybody,
    Just wanting to share my experience with you. Today one of my colleagues asked me if there is an opensuse distrubion friendly enough for a newbie to watch movies, listen some music and navigate on net. Well I said I use opensuse and it is great. Just download the livecd and take a look. So he did. It took some time to boot and this is understandable I said, configuration, no hdd. Then it opened up and what do you know it looked nice and worked. He said ok, let's test the browser and clicked on mozilla firefox that was seating proudly on desktop. Entered youtube and surprise - no flash plugin. Well no problem mozilla is helping us , he clicked on download, and after several tries he downloaded the plugin. Opened dolphin, located the plugin and install it. Still no luck. Oh well too bad. Let's try some audio. We went to yast and look at the sound card. It was there but it was not configured. Why? Who knows.
    No the sound worked. Back to mozilla. We opened the package manager, and it said no repositories? Why? Who knows. I googled a little, installed the standard though missing repositories and then looked for adobe flash. No luck. Then searched for mozilla and we found a swfdec plugin and said well, let's give it a try. Well it worked, but my friend was already lost for linux.
    Maybe if the audio card was already configured, and internet worked out of the box at full, he would have give it a shot. Who knows.


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    yep...proprietary software like flash is not, and i guess never will
    be in the default *open*SUSE..

    next time you do your homework and offer a live CD that does not try
    to offer open software *only*...i think Myth and plenty others do
    Flash right out of the box....i bet you knew that already but it
    wouldn't fit well with the FUD you wanna spread..

    anyway, if s/he is so hung up on lack of patience perhaps s/he is
    better off spending the $300+ USDs on Win7 to achieve instant


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    No idea why the sound card wouldn't work.

    But the flash plugin - that's the "open" bit of "openSUSE" at work.

    If it isn't open source, it won't be on the install media (as far as I'm aware, although I could be wrong, with no exceptions).

    I find that if people are aware that the reason many of these things aren't configured 'out of the box' is legal / philosophical, they are less likely to cry 'incompetence!'

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    Default Re: opensuse 11.1 livecd

    cristids1 wrote:

    > Maybe if the audio card was already configured, and internet worked out
    > of the box at full, he would have give it a shot. Who knows.

    Just for the record, try to watch any commercial DVD on a plain windows xp
    installation... or try to browse the web with a non-compatible wifi card,
    and wait for the reaction of your friend ;-)

    You will need to do your best for setting up a lot of things, that's quite
    normal in *any* OS.



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