Ok, so I've not used Linux before, so I'm just about getting to grips with it as it is.

One thing I'm finding frustrating is Startup speed. It takes a lot longer to boot the OS, load the desktop environment, and to launch and use applications. Granted, this will be partly down to my low amount of memory, however I know there will be ways of speeding this up.

What I want to do is a few small things:

1. Remove some programs (not services) from startup. I don't mean apps from my previous session (I've figured that one out already), but other programs I may want to start manually.

2. I don't actually know how to uninstall software yet. I know how to install it using Software Manager, and I know how to configure, build and install software from source, but no idea how to get rid.

3. Plasma. I'm not 100% sure what this is, but I've never really been a fan of widgets and extra toolbars, so is there a way I can get rid of this, or is it required for the taskbar to appear?

4. 64-bit Firefox release comes installed, with a Java plug-in. As well as this works, if I have a Java applet open, said applet can't open another window in a pop-up, even with Firefox's pop-up blocker disabled. I'm guessing this is more something for Firefox/Java community to help me with though...

So uhh, any ideas anyone? Thanks for any reply..