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Thread: holding key causes inability to type

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    Unhappy holding key causes inability to type

    I'm using OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE 4.3.1 and I have the following problem:

    Whenever I hold any key for a prolonged period (e.g. holding shift for a while when working with Inkscape) I can't type anything anymore. I just don't get any input whatever I do on the keyboard unless I hold a key for a couple of seconds, then it finally accepts the input. This happens regardless of the key held down initially and with any application (KDE or Gnome). To get rid of it I have to log out and back in, so I suspect either X or KDE to be the problem.

    Does anybody know what's causing this and how to solve the issue? Many thanks in advance.

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    slow keys, see:



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    Don't know, but I can give you some hint. Look in Systemsettings, Accessibility. AFAIK if you hold down the Shift for a long time on a fresh install/homedir, a question will pop-up asking you whether you want to use the accessibility features.
    Another way to find out, is to create a new user, login as that user, and see if same problem exists or can be reproduced. We then would know the problem lives in your homedir.
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    Thank you very much, following your advice and the above link I turned on the confirmation dialog for slow keys and it was indeed that feature being turned on without asking for permission or showing an info popup. A sign of poor default settings if you ask me... Anyway after disabling it once and for all I can finally get back to actually working with my box!

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