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Thread: KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

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    Default KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

    I have found this gui to be excellent up until recently, when the screensaver application froze, then upon reboot disappeared. It is annoying to see that such problems which I assumed were only common with windows is also easily possible under linux. Any ideas what happened?

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    Default Re: KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

    None whatsoever. Never experienced anything like that in four years of using KDE3. Do you mean the application has disappeared off your applications menu?

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    Default Re: KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

    yes, the screensaver under KDE 3.x is gone but works fine under KDE 4.x and GNOME 2.x;

    Although I prefer the GUI look&feel of KDE to GNOME, it is my personal opinion that GNOME is more stable as an X based GUI.

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    Default Re: KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

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    Default Re: KDE 3.x under OpenSuse 11.1

    Actually the screensaver under KDE 3.5 still works, because I had set it last week, BUT all the individual types of screensavers no longer appear for me to select a new one; the list does appear under KDE 4.x, so not sure what the deal is, since I think it is the same application?

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