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    Hi, premo im kinda new in here so go slow at me

    I tried installing suse on my pc.. i had 5 partition 4 100 Gb and a 40 gb one. I did the installation right, made the swap home etc thingy, went all fine, when it was installing the package, things went bad cause think the dvd was corrupt or damaged so it aborted the installation, bravo. But while doing so yast2 couldn't do a boot thingy... Now when i switch on the pc, wooo vista wont load.. so me installed my old xp cd and i can see all my files and everything are untouched... anyhelp on how to get the vista to boot ?

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    To get vista booting, look at the 2nd sticky at the to of the install/boot section.
    You can also try the repair option when booting from the opensuse dvd.
    Before doing the install, there is an option to check the install media. Run this and see if the disc passes. If it fails, there is a problem so download agin or try the net install option - it is only a cd download and will do the install from the internet.

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    ramzel wrote:
    > things went bad cause think the dvd was corrupt or damaged


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