Hi all,

I have recently decided to do a fresh install of suse 11. Have gotten everything more or less back to what it was.

On install of the nvidia driver via repository i selected the nvidia gfxG02-kmp-pae version 185.18.36_2.6.25.20_0.5.1-6.1 and then yast also automatically selected nvidia gfxG01-kmp-pae version 173.14.18_2.6.25.20_0.5.1-18.2. So i thought well it must know what it is doing and continued to install it. Now the driver is installed and works as i see the nvidia logo before login.

1. Should yast have installed the older version which says it is for the nvidia geforce fx gpu's verion 173...? My graphics card is a nvidia 8400M GS.

2. Also seem to be having a problem with GLX as in the nvidia settings program when you select openGL/GLX information, it says fail to query the GLX server vendor. Is this from the 2 different drivers being installed? Is there anyway of sorting this out ?

could i uninstall the 173 version without repercussions?