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Thread: PS2 Emulator for OpenSuSE

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    Question PS2 Emulator for OpenSuSE

    I like games on PS2, but I don't know which emulator can run good in OpenSuSE and how to install it.
    Can you help me ???

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    Default Re: PS2 Emulator for OpenSuSE

    check out for a game emulator and see if it supports ps2 i am not sure if they do but it is a great place to start.

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    As far as I remember cedega is a win32 PC emulator
    a quick qoogle revealed this little ap:
    The Emulator Zone - PS2emu
    As this is most likely a source tarball you'll need to compile it yourself.

    This one is a better choice
    PCSX2 - News

    And there is a prebuild rpm for OpseSUSE 11.2 in the emulators repo

    If U're using 11.2 just add this repo
    Index of /repositories/Emulators/openSUSE_11.2
    and install pcsx2 via yast or zypper

    hope this helps

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