I'm running a Suse11.0 distro which I would like to use as my MythTV BACKEND; I've installed MythTV and dependencies (incl MySQL and Apache for MythWeb) and now trying to follow the Post-install tasks as per the MTV Wiki (User Manual:Initial Installation - MythTV).

I seem to have stumbled at the first block and not sure if I am missing something here or not; the article reads:-

to run MythTV as its own user I created one (so the backend doesnt run as root)
"sudo useradd mythtv"
As I'm installing via SSH logged in as root, I simply typed "useradd mythtv".

Ok so far but the very next step reads:-

You have to create a file for mythtv for databse connections ~mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt
Problem - Creating a user via Useradd does not give it a home directory. Should I put this into root's home folder? Or should I switch to the mythtv user and "touch" the file (which I presume would create the necessary sub-folders)?!

I know this is more than likely my error or misunderstanding as I'd guess these docs are referenced many times without problem by other people

Cheers for any assistance!