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Thread: Printing using CUPS 1.3.x

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    Default Printing using CUPS 1.3.x

    I have two printers, an Epson Photo R300 and an HP Laserjet 4P.
    I would like to print using the whole page, but (on A4), the 'imageable area' is 17mm short on on width and height.
    I do not seem to be able to find a way to increase the 'imageable area'.

    This seems to be a problem unique to SuSE 11.1 and/or CUPS v1.3.x - I do not have similar problems with printing using other distros.

    Is anyone out there able to help please? Don't point me towards the CUPS website, as I'm afraid I find it all gobbledegook !

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    Default Re: Printing using CUPS 1.3.x

    I doubt anyone can help you;

    (I could expand on this by saying that some advances are steps backward ............)

    if you can print from other distros, why don't you do so?

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    Default Re: Printing using CUPS 1.3.x

    Well, in general the printing settings can be adjusted from the application print menu. For KDE 4 apps, I get margin options from the 'Properties' button within the KDE print box. The firefox print menu looks more like Gnome. It offers many options, but no margin control. Are you using Gnome by chance?

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