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Thread: Creating X Configuration Issues

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    I have been trying to install 11.1 onto a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with no success, I have been forced to use the KDE Live CD for install media as the server is not configured with a dvd player, and the bios will not recognize a usb dvd enclouser. I have followed threads that have used the "3" option in the grub menu, and alas this hasnt been working either, It shows that Runlevel 3 is set but it still hangs on Creating X Configuration then all video goes blank. Any suggestions??

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    First try setting the resolution to 800X600 (F3 at the boot menu) and try the safe install. If this doesn't work, instead of the live cd try the net install cd.
    If you have previously downloaded the full opensuse iso install, you can also install from an http or ftp your local network instead of downloading from the internet.
    The default Internet install has usually worked for me though.

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