I replaced my intel 5300 with an intel 5350 wifi-wimax pci express mini card and it works under opensuse 11.1 out of the box but it is slow with downloads. I have brighthouse 15mb service but with this card i am luck if i get abouy 800kb downloads even under windows vista or windows 7. If i go under windows this card has issues with drivers too, i have it on an asus g71gx-rx05 bios 1701. It seems that under windows i can either have wifi driver or wimax driver not both. to get wifi i need to install the 5300 driver and then the 5350 wifi wimax goes away so no wimax... like in windows under open suse 11.1 i have slow downloads luck to get 800kp or so out of 15mb cable with boosts to 22.... I think their is something with the card. my chipset is the pm45 intel i think.