Man, this is driving me crazy. I've tried all weekend trying to get compiz going for the KDE desktop.

I've been running SuSE 11.1 on an HPMedia Server for a while. I left a 20 gb partition open so I could upgrade easily, and I'm installing new there.

So I download the latest x86_64 11.1 DVD. I boot on it, and install everything I need except compiz.

After it boots I go to init 3 and install the latest NVIDIA driver for my GeForce 6150 SE.

I then go and do the 1 click install for KDE 4.2, as the installation DVD only installs 4.1.

I then do the 1 click install of compiz for KDE 4.2. It didn't install well, the conflict manager keep asking me to move to a third party package. Finally I couldn't get the compizsettings program installed, so I skipped it.

Now when I boot up the KDE desktop appears, then the task bar disappears and the apps I had been using come up full screen, except distorted and with no way to close windows or move around well.

Obviously I'm installing something out of order, but what? I would be more than willing to reinstall again, as I want the install as clean as possible.