Hey Guys,

i've installed automysqlbackup but i'm getting nothing but errors.

when i run the schript from commandline i get an email saying it has made the backup to the harddrive and rotated the backups. but it exceeds the maximum attachement size. (in automysqlbackup i've set it to 16000 (i quess something like 20Mb) and in postfix it is set to unlimited.).

when i let cron.daily run the script i get an daily - FAILLURE.
in my email.
SCRIPT: automysqlbackup.2.5.sh exited with RETURNCODE = 1.

both cases the backup is indeed made to the harddrive (total size after about 1 month is 2.2Mb) rotation is working fine.. it's just that no attachements are mailed. i've tested different email adresses.

kind regard