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    Broken_Kanoe NNTP User

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    While I understand there's a KDE / Kwin option to invert window color, for those of us unlucky enough to have current ATi HD4xxx series cards, and broken fglrx drivers, is there any chance that a dark forum theme could be added?


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    Broken_Kanoe NNTP User

    Question Re: Dark Forum Themes

    I guess the answer would be no then

    For those who may have a similar issue, I've found a firefox addon that while experimental, does help ;

    It's not as perfect solution as KDE's invert colours, but it makes things a bit better.

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    goldie NNTP User

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    Broken Kanoe wrote:
    > I guess the answer would be no then

    you asked on a weekend, when the folks who might be able to make such
    a decision are not in the office..

    but, my guess is your answer may lie somewhere within


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