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    Hi Everyone,
    Just for interest sake, im running openSUSE 11 as a file server (samba) on our network for backups. I suspected one of our staffs data could possibly have a virus that could affect the rest of our computers which is mostly a windows network. That data resides on the openSUSE machine. So I was wondering how I would go about scanning the Linux machine for virusses. So I downloaded Stinger which is a Virus Scanning utility from McAfee. It can be downloaded from McAfee Threat Center The file is a windows executable, so after I downloaded the file, I opened it up with wine, set my preferences to delete the virus, selected the path, and fired away. I was scanning my Linux machine for a possible virus that came from my windows users. It works like a dream.

    Well, by the way, my Linux box was virus free, so I wasted my time by scanning the machine.

    Hope there is some of you that would find this info useful



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    You could have used antivir or clamav. They're both native linux programs. I've used antivir on Windows and linux; it does what it should do, and does it in the background as long as there's no need to inform you.
    Mind: these problems always come from the windo-side.
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