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Thread: Open Suse 11.1 - onto LTSP then Kiosk

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    Default Open Suse 11.1 - onto LTSP then Kiosk


    I am building up an open suse server to use LTSP in an educational environment with 30 workstations. I have assembled all the hardware, for the server and it all works. Open suse 11.1 was then installed and that works fine. One and a half hours including tea breaks for everything.!

    So I now want to install LTSP. I find it harder to find the information that I need with various articles pointing me to different downloadable files and have already used up 2 hours trying to find out which direction to go in. Basically I need to know which version to use.

    Can someone answer me this..... Currently I have no internet access for the server in question so need to download an installation disk which will allow me to install LTSP. What should I download and from where?

    After installation of LTSP I intend to use Kiosk to tie down the workstations.

    I notice that there seems to be TWO kiosk tools that came with OpenSuse 11.1. Which is the one to use ?

    Anybody with any answers ?



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    Default Re: Open Suse 11.1 - onto LTSP then Kiosk

    Hi Dave

    I'm trying "KIOSK Admin Tool" on a working 19 thin clients LAN. However, results are not as expected still. I had some users created and then tried to change their desktops with "KIOSK", but nothing happened to they.

    I must try more with this tool, but I'm not sure if it will work (was released on 2004).

    What about your experiencie?

    Best regards


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