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Thread: 11.1, 2 nics, wrong one used for Internet

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    Default 11.1, 2 nics, wrong one used for Internet

    I'm running ntop on a SuSE 11.1 system with 2 nics on the same subnet. eth0 should be used for all LAN/Internet traffic, eth1 - is monitoring traffic on a Cisco switch.

    ntop is working fine and working with both nics on my LAN. My only problem is that I cannot access the Internet. I can ping my gateway address okay, but if I try an external IP address, the ping fails and appears to using eth1 (instead of eth0). I setup the nics and gateway using Yast. I tried putting the gateway address in ifcfg-eth0, but that didn't help.

    How do I configure the system to use eth0 for internet traffic. TIA, Bill

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    Default Re: 11.1, 2 nics, wrong one used for Internet

    For 2 nics to work correctly, they must be on separate subnets or networks.

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