I've installed OpenSuse 11.1 on my computer. There was already installed windows vista.
There were some errors like "Cant load video interface". But i have choosen KDE! Ok, i rebooted computer:
start computer
selected "windows" in the menu
selected "linux opensuse 11.1 loader (local)
And i have restored linux.
nothing about video interface, but
now, when i load computer, there is very beautiful menu:
OpenSuse 11.1
OpenSuse (Failsafe)
And nothing about Windows! I also load my dvd with linux for reinstal linux.
I can change parametrs in these points and i can load linux and login as root.
What must i do to add "windows" option in this menu and to remove linux from computer (i am gonna install it from another disk - there were errors with control summ when i was installing opensuse)
but, plz, dont say me somethin just like "remove\reinstall vista", because i havent my disk with vista any more.
Admins, moders - sorry me, if there were topics who could help me. And sorry my bad english.