i did an update a few days ago and (mainly because i had some dodgy repos in my list) broke a barrow load of stuff on my box.. sound etc.. got all the other stuff working thanks to the help from the clever iguanas here.. but gnome will not talk to my network service (i think)..

i can still get to the shared printer on the dreaded mac on the next desk.. and i can access my shared directory on this machine from the mac.. but i can't get out of this with anything other than a console command.. so i'm assuming samda is working ok.

normally i can open a window. select the "GO > Network" menu and browse to the computer i want.. now all i get is this..

Error: Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-network" (No such file or directory)..

i checked and the file is not there.. ideas?