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Thread: installation of software

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    Post installation of software

    I am very new to OpenSUSE. I don't get it yet how to install software. Like for now I would like to install the latest version of Firefox and I found the page here with the "one-click" installation.
    If I click on that nothing seems to happen, but at Tools > Downloads I can see something is downloaded. But where to go from here? Or if you can point me to a helpfile where these things clearly are stated, that would also help me (Sorry if I look like a real stupid newbie... yes I am..)


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    Default Re: installation of software

    You should already have some repositories installed; you can install anything in those repositories by using YaST>Software>Software Management.

    You can also add some repositories with YaST>Software>Software repositories to extend your options.

    Make sure you have Packman in your list of repositories.

    If you cannot find what you want you can try or simply Google the program name plus openSUSE to see if it is available from another repository.

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