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Thread: Web dev in linux

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    Default Web dev in linux

    What would be an ultimate package for web development on linux.
    Like on windows photoshop+flash+php+dreamweaver is generally used.

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

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    "ultimate packages' depend on your desires. Zend Studio is probably the
    best PHP/HTML IDE I've used, and it runs on Linux as well as windows.
    Flash is something I never use (it should not be used for regular content
    and the places it may be used I don't care about) so I don't know much on
    that side. The Gimp is installed automatically on most distros including
    everything SUSE that is made to be a workstation (vs. a server). There
    are a few hundred other graphics programs out there if needed and many run
    on Linux as well as windows, but it depends on your needs. PHP doesn't
    make much sense on a workstation unless you have the interpreter there
    just to validate the syntax of your PHP files but Zend Studio does that
    automatically for you.

    Good luck.

    nipunreddevil wrote:
    > What would be an ultimate package for web development on linux.
    > Like on windows photoshop+flash+php+dreamweaver is generally used.

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    exs007 NNTP User

    Talking Re: Web dev in linux

    Since I am not a web developer the only information I could give you is some of the similar tools in Linux to the ones that you mention:

    Photoshop = Gimp (GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program)
    PHP + Dreamweaver = Quanta Plus (Quanta Plus Home)

    For Flash development I do not have any information on Linux, please note that the equal does not mean that it works exactly the same and with this information I am not telling you that these are the only tools on linux to develop web apps/pages.

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    I'd second the vote for Quanta Plus.

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    Photoshop: The gimp (There is a 'save for web' or something like that plugin in the repositories as well. Although I just use the normal way to save files and leave the file size optimising to™)
    Dreamweaver : Eclipse (see repositories) + Aptana Studio plugin
    You first need to install the aptana studio plugin which gets you HTML/CSS syntax highlighting/smart menu etc and a new welcome screen.
    From the welcome screen you can install the PHP plugin

    Flash.. don't think there is any free alternative.

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    LAMP would be the most common.

    As mentioned Gimp for images. Quanta Plus is a great web page editor.

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    kusuriya NNTP User

    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    Quanta is nice, for a lot of my editing I have been useing eclipse or Quanta.
    As for flash, if you understand action script on the adobe labs there is the alpha version of flex, and you can skip the flex MXML BS and make flash via action script in it, im not too certin if it has drawing tools though, and if they take it down, the flex console tools and compiler should still be availble, and you can compile flash that way also. Past that there hasnt been any good headway on getting the adobe flash editor to run correctly in wine, or getting an open flash editor, and honestly, if you can, avoid it... flash and action script are plagues that should be purged from the earth with fire. *trys to not sound like a gnu zelot but has a real distain for action script and how adobe handles flash*

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    I use netbeans for php&html develop. I think its very nice ide

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    Just recently i came across this for flash:

    Flash For Linux
    Linux[openSUSE, KDE], PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Tech News, etc :

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    Default Re: Web dev in linux

    Quote Originally Posted by yu210148 View Post
    I'd second the vote for Quanta Plus.
    So would I but alas it's a KDE 3.5 application and distinctly unhappy in KDE 4.x, with little prospect of being ported any time soon. Looks like Kompozer, development of which has recently resumed, is now the best option.

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