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Thread: java .jar file in open suse11.1

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    Default java .jar file in open suse11.1

    I'm trying to run a java application "jOrgan.jar" with Execute Jar File and I get a quick flash of something on the screen then back to my file browser. I've installed java runtime 1.6.

    I was using Ubuntu and I just double click on it and it runs.
    Why doesn't it work?


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    Default Re: java .jar file in open suse11.1

    Are you running opensuse's default free opensource java or the Sun java?
    Try replacing the opensource java with Sun's version.

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    Default Re: java .jar file in open suse11.1

    I have the Sun java installed.I can start it from the console by typing java -jar jOrgan.jar.

    The problems I'm having with the sound cards will probably make suse unuseable for this application.

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