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Thread: Speedport W503V setup with suse 11.0

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    Default Speedport W503V setup with suse 11.0

    I am trying to set up a speedport w503 router for t-online, just for internet access (no network for more pc's, no wlan).
    This device is supposed to be a router, not a modem. It is also supposed to support dhcp and already have user id, password etc. set up.
    The computer with suse 11.0 used to have Alice dsl via modem, I deleted the dsl connection and the ethernetcard setup.
    configured ethernetcard via yast automatically to dhcp, but there is no connection to the net.
    Any idea for a nice and easy setup?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Speedport W503V setup with suse 11.0

    Since it's a stand-alone router, as long as dhcp is workingyour suse box should get a valid ipaddress. Some routers don't pass on gateway nad name server addresses, so go to yast>network devices>network settings and set the gateway and nameserver addresses to the router ipaddress.

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