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Thread: Problems with AOL on Suse 11.1

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    Default Problems with AOL on Suse 11.1

    I'm George and yesterday i installed Suse 11.1 on my computer on a separate harddisk. I want to learn more about linux and then leave XP at least.
    At this time i can boot to suse or xp.

    My first great miss is that i can't connect to the internet via aol/DSL on Linux.

    I thought i configuratet the DSL- part correctly using my aol-name with but firefox does not find any site.
    My first Aol-name consists of to words with a blank
    Is this the Problem?
    Or is ther something else to do first?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Problems with AOL on Suse 11.1

    As I presume you are living in Germany, you may find the German forums more helpful.

    Here in the UK even people with Windows get regular problems with AOL because there are so many restrictions built into AOL, like it will not transmit PNG files, only JPG.

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