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Thread: Symbian S60v5 (nokia N97) sync Kcontact

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    Default Symbian S60v5 (nokia N97) sync Kcontact

    Recently I bought a Nokia N97 and want to sync it with Kcontact on my OpenSuse 11.1 system. On the web I found little and what I found didn't work. Who can help me out?

    Here I my system specs:

    OS: OpenSuse 11.1(64) + KDE 4.3
    PIM: Kcontact V 4.3.0
    Processor: AMD2
    Motherboard: ASUS M4A78-EM
    Cipset: AMD 780G/SB700
    Memory: 4GB (4 x 1GB) DDR2 1066
    Video Card: Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200
    sound Card: ALC887 High Definition Audio 8 -Channel CODEC

    My mobile phone specs:
    Brand: Nokia
    Type: N97
    OS: Symbian S60v5

    I would like to sync contacts, calendar and notes.

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    Default Re: Symbian S60v5 (nokia N97) sync Kcontact

    On the web, I saw tooling such as:
    - OpenSync - openSUSE > SyncML-OBEX-Client

    Hmmm... it doesn't say it support Symbian S60v5 but it doesn't say it won't. Who has experience?

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    Default Re: Symbian S60v5 (nokia N97) sync Kcontact

    Can somebody tell me if the got experience with sync symbian S60V3 instead of V5? Perhaps, I can use that mechanism as well...

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