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Thread: start main menu command in kde

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    Default start main menu command in kde

    i am a new user of suse.
    some time start menu goes missing from my desktop so i had to logout from session and then re login....
    is there any commnad which can start main menu ?


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    Default Re: start main menu command in kde

    This shouldn't happen. (I have assumed you mean kde4)
    At any time you can right click on the desktop and add a widget, add a application launcher.

    I would be more interested in solving the issue properly. Perhaps you need to start with a new .kde4 folder?
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    Default Re: start main menu command in kde

    Actually this happens when KDE crashes on the logout. On the next start the previous state is restored, when there was no Start Menu (it's called K Menu ).
    First quit from the applications in the System Tray then add the K Menu to the panel and re-log.
    Go to System Settings > Advanced > Session Manager, make sure that the option Restore previous session is selected.
    Good luck.

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