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Thread: why I can't enhance security of my temporary folder

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    synthea NNTP User

    Default why I can't enhance security of my temporary folder

    While enhancing security of my temporary folder in the post described in Secure temporary folders on existing Unix or Linux systems | SysAdmin.MD my redirection fails. This commands always fails
    echo "/mnt/tmp /tmp ext3 loop,noexec,nosuid,rw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
    Can anybody please tell my why?

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    Default Re: why I can't enhance security of my temporary folder

    Did you do this as user or root?

    The command has to be performed as root or preceded by sudo. Normal users aren't allowed to edit fstab.

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    goldie NNTP User

    Default Re: why I can't enhance security of my temporary folder

    > always fails

    what do you mean it "fails"?

    that is, do you mean that once you press enter there is no
    confirmation that what you asked for was actually done?

    OR, if you look at /etc/fstab _before_ and _after_ issuing that
    command do you not see that the desired line has been added at the bottom?

    OR, by failed do you mean that that once the line _has_ been added
    then the mount command does not show that /mnt/tmp was not mounted
    with the new parameters? [that, of course, can only take affect after
    a reboot (or an umount > mount)]

    OR, after you issue the command, and reboot, you find that you can
    still execute a binary file inside /tmp without a permission denied error?

    try this: as root open /etc/fstab in your editor of choice and see if
    (maybe) you have added the line "/mnt/tmp /tmp ext3 <etc>" to the
    bottom of fstab *MULTIPLE TIMES*, once for each time you executed the
    echo command??

    if so, delete all but ONE of those lines, and then (as always with
    fstab) press enter and leave a new blank line at the bottom...then,
    after your next boot you should see the desired results in the output
    of a mount command..

    if not you just need to make sure the last line in fstab is blank..

    which i *guess* is the cause your frustration as (as far as i can see)
    the echo command given you by the author of the how-to won't give you
    a line feed at the end of his fstab entry..

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