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Thread: How to install milestone 5

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    Default How to install milestone 5

    Can anyone tell me how to do this using repositories? Ive tried searching but im going around in circles.
    Ive tried downloading the live CD but it wont boot no matter what I try

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    Default Re: How to install milestone 5

    You can download the net install cd from Index of /distribution/11.2-Milestone5/iso or the main download page at (Just check the Network option)

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    Default Re: How to install milestone 5

    IMHO opinion you should try the stable release. The Milestone releases are NOT STABLE. It's stated everywhere. Why the Milestone release? If burning an ISO to disk is already making you go round in circles.

    How did you burn the CD? You should burn 'ISO-image to disk' (content of the ISO comes on the CD). If you just burn the ISO on a disk as a file (only one file on the CD after burning, i.e. the openSUSE...iso) it will not be bootable and therefor install nothing.

    Since you are running into trouble even before you started, I strongly suggest you stick to the stable version first, learn how it all works in a stable environment, then start experimenting.
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