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Thread: OpenSUSE 11.2M5 + ATI driver(fglrx)

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    Unhappy OpenSUSE 11.2M5 + ATI driver(fglrx)


    Does anyone can build ati fglrx driver v9.7(kernel module) for opensuse 11.2 M4, M5??? Its a ****! I hardly build driver v9.6 in M4(not M5) but only with 3 patches from ubuntu forum.. Neither 9.6 nor 9.7 didnt support new kernel sources..

    Any thoughts?..

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.2M5 + ATI driver(fglrx)

    The ati.amd guys do release for released distributions. As Ubuntu9.10 will use linux 2.6.31 as will do openSUSE-11.2 you can expect to be able to use proprietary ati driver in october ...

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