I hope someone can please help me!
My computer died last night, no apparent reason, it was working fine one minute then pop, dead. No noise or anything, just a constantly on HDD light and the fans went from their idle speed to full speed. If I plug a monitor into it, it says "no signal". A reboot and it doesn't even get the BIOS screen.

I took the two HDDs out of the machine and plugged them into another PC (aka "computer 2" - basically a spare chassis just with no HDD).

Although "computer 2" starts to boot OK, it seems to fail to find a configuration for the ethernet card (ETH1) saying "no configuration" and then says it is "waiting for ETH0". It then times out and continues booting up to the point where it tries to initialise XINETD (sorry if that's not spelled correctly, INETXD or something).

At this point, despite saying "done", I don't get a login or anything (it should start in INIT 3). If i hit the power button, the system shuts down normally, terminates services and goes through the correct INIT 0 procedure - likewise, if i hit control-alt-delete, it runs procedures for INIT 6 and reboots the machine.

Is there a way of performing a "selective boot" so I am prompted to start or skip each service? If so, how?! I can then skip XINETD and it should allow me in to fix.

Please help, this is my webserver, nagios monitor and email server, most of which was backed up but there are things on there which were not