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Thread: Har drive recognised but not mounted

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    Default Har drive recognised but not mounted

    I have installed OpenSuse 11.1 and I have 320GB USb hard drive. On 10.3 OpenSuse there is no problem I can open files etc. When I try and open the hard drive in 11.1 on My Computer it tells me to "right click & mount" but when you right click there is no mount option. Please excuse me I am new to OpenSuse and just learning. So how do I mount the disk so I can read files and save files to the USB hard drive (It is using NTFS) or USB sticks as an example.

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    Default Re: Har drive recognised but not mounted

    If it's been used in Windows at all. Boot to windows and make sure to safely remove. Also be sure you have ntfs-3g installed.
    Should just work.

    If you do this in su terminal:
    fdisk -l
    does it show?
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