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Thread: location of logs or pidgin and firefox

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    tom millican NNTP User

    Default location of logs or pidgin and firefox

    I'd like to find the logs for these two programs, but haven't had much
    luck googling for it.
    Pidgin does not open at all. The pidgin head bounces by the cursor for a
    little while, then goes away. Firefox crashes after a few seconds,
    literally, on sites with Flash. I'm no programmer, but I'd like to check
    the logs to see if anything obvious stands out.
    I'm using OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE3.5. KDE 4.3 is installed, but incredibly
    broken in addition to these same two problems. I don't know if any of its
    packages can still interfere if I boot into 3.5, which works great

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    Default Re: location of logs or pidgin and firefox

    I'd rather recommend to start them from console so that you can see in real time possible errors printed out in the console.

    The folders in which the logs are kept for pidgin is /home/USERNAME/.purple/ and for firefox /home/USERNAME/.mozilla/firefox
    Not sure however if you would find logs for the crashes as well
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