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Thread: audio not working after kde 4.3 upgrade.

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    Default audio not working after kde 4.3 upgrade.

    k after i made the update from kde 4.2.x to kde 4.3 sound stopped working i was able to get some of kde's system sound going again by switching the phonon backend to gstreamer from xine but even with gstreamer i still cant play mp3.

    i also tried playing audio with xine player which still doesn't work so this is not specific to kde.

    im on openSUSE 11.1 64bit

    and after the upgrade and on kde 4.3

    using these repo's

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop

    and for qt im using qt 4.5.x from

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.1

    any ideas anyone

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    Default Re: audio not working after kde 4.3 upgrade.

    You should NOT be using any additional QT repo. Especially NOT QT45.
    Remove QT repo
    Then look for Red QT packages in software management filter by repo - System and roll them back

    The upgrade to 4.3 is unlikely to be the issue affecting sound. Check in kmix that you have Master Channel.
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    Default Re: audio not working after kde 4.3 upgrade.

    In Konsole try this:

    rpm -qa |grep libxine
    see if you have this:
    If you don't then install the Packman repos(if you haven't already)& install the libxine codecs
    Type xine into the Search on yast check the libxine boxes,
    The only other things I can think of

    (1) see if you have phonon-backend-xine installed. You should be able to see that with in Yast under xine too.

    (2) look to see if you have pulseaudio installed if you do un-install it. Xine & pulseaudio don't paly well together.
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    Default Re: audio not working after kde 4.3 upgrade.

    i already checked i had the xine packages from packmann and i reinstalled to make sure i managed to get sound going again i removed the phonon package and xine based apps starting working again than i install the 4.2.x version of phonon and i got proper sound through kde again.

    im still a bit confused about what is wrong with the proper 4.3 version of phonon and why i didn't get dependency issues with using the 4.2 one with kde 4.3

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