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Thread: burn dvd without 4 GB limit

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    Default burn dvd without 4 GB limit

    I downloaded and installed 10.2 that I am using now. Wish to upgrade to 11.1. Downloaded 11.1 to harddisk but KBE3 says there is a 4 gig limit. What other burner can I use. I have Phillips dvd+r dl and the double density disc in the dvd drive but the K software seems to be the problem.
    Thank you for any help or new burner software.

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    Default Re: burn dvd without 4 GB limit

    There is no limit. What file system have you save the dvd .iso to?
    The 11.1 DVD is 4.3GB and burn to a standard dvd-r using k3b

    Index of /distribution/11.1/iso
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    Default Re: burn dvd without 4 GB limit

    You are trying to burn the iso to disk as a file. Don't create a data-dvd, just burn the image to disk. It's available from the top menu in k3b.

    At least, that's what I think is going on....
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